The Bay Point Chamber of Commerce

A wonderful time was had by all!

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Let us raise a glass (non-alcoholic, good Mormon that she was) to the memory of Gloria Magleby, founder of the Bay Point Chamber (and the Bay Point Garden Club and the Bay Point Historical Society and Friends of the Library, and Mayor Emeritus of Bay Point, who passed, peacefully into the next world early Christmas Eve. Bay Point has not been the same without her, and she will be deeply missed. Long live Herhonor! Huzzah!

Visit her memorial webpage, Gloria In excelsis!


Our September Bay Point Chamber Luncheon-Mixer, featuring guest speakers, Maureen Toms and Edward L. Soloman was a great success. For more on the Enterprise Zone and how you, or your company, or someone you may know may benefit, view this PowerPoint Presentation, or visit the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County / Enterprise Zone website.

Please check out the latest from First 5, Contra Costa, Children & Families Commission.

The Koshland Committee of the San Francisco Foundation has selected the Bay Point community as the neighborhood of 2013. (See Bay Point BIZNews (Feb-Mar issue) for more details.) What that means is that the Koshland Program will be making a five-year, $300,000 commitment to improving the quality of life within Bay Point.

Hurray for Us!!!!!! (Photos of the meeting)

Mike Kerr has been doing marvelous things with the Bay Point Community Garden he designed and built with friends. it is located just to the east of Ambrose Center. Check it out; he has done amazing work! Here is Mike’s report.

Mimi and Santa weren’t the only ones caught in pixels
(we used to say “caught on film”, but does anybody
these days even remember what “film” is?).Click: here for
more photos of the 2012 Ambrose Center Tree Lighting

And check out this video!

The Bay Point Community Yard Sale, September 29, 2012:


A Video by Juan Escobar

Young entrepeneurs at our 2012 Community Yard Sale

The great local faves, the PHDs. I know Bob and Ramiro, guitarist and bass player, but I'll get the other two names up as soon as I can! They rocked!

A couple of Bay Point merchant/residents. E-mail me if you know their names:

Our Office Administrator, Mimi Stofer and her hubby and someone in a way cool Nehru outfit

Bay Point Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, July 20, 2012, with
California State Superintendent of Public Instruction,
Tom Torlakson.

Introductions of our guests and Board members.

Tom talks.


  • Bay Point recently celebrated Unity In the Community. For photos and videos, click HERE.

    Community master gardener, Mike Kerr, designer and builder of the beautiful Community Garden on the east side of Ambrose Center has also created a children's mural project. Their delightful art may be seen on the fence of the Garden. To read a message from Mike, in English and Spanish, and links to view the photos, click HERE

  • The Bay Point Chamber of Commerce presents
    The Dr. Bill Wattenburg!

    Chamber sponsored luncheon with Dr. Bill Wattenburg at the Wedgewood in Pittsburg, June 21, 2012.
    Photography by Art’s Photography


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    Our intrepid Bay Point citizen-activist, Mike Kerr, offers this report from the ongoing SparkPoint Vision for Bay Point project:

    “Participants unanimously agreed to the following vision statements:

    “There was a lot of passion and interest in the topic of education among the participants and, while the group as a whole could not come to an agreement on a specific vision statement, there was overwhelming interest in pursuing the establishment of a High School in Bay Point as well as creating better educational opportunities for all ages in the community.”

    Bay Point Videos!
    A simple search on YouTube yielded several home made videos,
    which you may find for yourselves. As the Chamber selects ones to post, we will put up the URLs. Meanwhile, here is an excellent video of our early history:

    All Things Gloria ...

    Glo is at a board and care facility in Concord. You may call the Chamber office number, (925) 698-9994 and Julie can give you the latest, including if she is up to receiving visitors, and where. Please, as always, keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

    You can read about Glo in the Contra Costa Times. Click on: HERE

    Among the wonderful offerings, Yer Humble Webmaster sang two original songs and, a special treat for Glo, a song that is very big in her family, “Wales”.
    I sang a song I wrote and adapted for Bay Point, and took a line from a lyric Glo wrote to the tune of the Woodie Guthrie song, “This Land Is Your Land”, then wrote a verse.

    If you are curious, here are PDFs: Bay Point Song * This Town Is Your Town * Wales

    The 2011 Bay Point Yard Sale was a great success. We had sponsors and 34 vendors and even made money!

    Here are a few photos taken by our own intrepid photog,Tim Stone. Click on the thumbnails to view full size:

    And if that’s not enough, here’s a SLIDESHOW.

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    Here is a slideshow of the Grand Opening of Walgreens!

    Want to see our Ambrose / Bay Point Christmas Slideshow?
    HERE !