Dear Members and Friends of the greater Bay Point Community,

If you haven't had a chance to see the Ambrose Community Garden recently, there have been major advancements.  The garden has a new fence thanks to Supervisor Federal Glover and the Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund Committee.  A Picnic Table is being constructing from donations by the Ambrose -Pittsburg Lions Club.  Construction of an arbor over the picnic table has been started with a donation from a local fireman & gardener Jeff Landis, but funding to complete the arbor is still needed.  Download: Update PDF

Mural Art Program

We have a Mural program where local artists can display their artwork.   One artist has already had her art work posted on the fence.  Four more murals are on display from art done by Bay Point youth at the recent Unity in Community festival.  There are also several murals that recognize the numerous contributions of materials, money and labor to creating the Ambrose Community Garden.  See attachment for details on creating your own mural.  We have room for nearly 120 45" x 22' framed murals.  Download: Mural PDF

Commemorative Laser Engraved Brick

One way that everyone from the Bay Point community can participate in helping the Ambrose Community Garden is to consider purchasing a Commemorative Laser Engraved Brick.  It is necessary to sell at least 50 commemorative bricks to receive the substantial price break in purchasing the bricks.   This initial purchase will help provide the funding to build a 5' wide brick pathway all the way into the garden and pave the patio under the picnic table arbor.  We hope to obtain enough orders by this September, so that we will have enough time to construct the brick garden pathway before the rainy season.   Please consider purchasing a commemorative brick ASAP.  Bricks are now $50 with 3 lines of text.  After our initial order, we may not be able to sell future commemorative bricks for less than $75-100 unless we can secure at least another 50 orders.  So if this interests you please join in on the initial order for a 33% - 50% price break and guarantee the construction of the brick pathway.  See the order form attachment.  Donations should be tax deductible!  Download: Brick PDF

Gardeners & Sponsors Wanted

Of course we still need gardeners and sponsors to fund the operation and other improvements to the garden.   We would like to have a surplus fresh food program eventually, but we need more volunteers & sponsors to make that a reality.  All gardeners and sponsors will be recognized at the garden.

Please feel free to contact me concerning anything associated with the Ambrose Community Garden.

In Peace & Justice,
Michael E. Kerr
(925) 219-6518

Photo History of the Ambrose Community Garden

Translations in Spanish of attachments available on request